Joel Hill Sawmill News

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Usually, there’s not a lot to say about the Joel Hill Sawmill once the October open house is over, and all the delicious MacMaster cider has been drunk, and all the doughnuts have been consumed. The beauty of the colored leaves around the pond is gone now; the leaves are all floating in the pond, or sliding over the dam.

Dan and I paid our yearly visit to the structure to take down the colorful sign and store it inside where the wind can’t weather it any further. We picked up a few branches, collected a couple of stray pieces of wood, and checked the locks, but before we could climb back into the pickup, they started to arrive. Visitors! We had nearly a full house before the day was done, to our utter amazement.

The first guests included the editor of the Boyerstown Bulletin, who displayed extraordinary knowledge of old mills and how they work.

Dan was delighted with this new audience and happily took the man and his friend on a tour of the mill while they discussed its operation. I tried in vain to recruit him to the sawmill crew. At that point I had no idea how far they had come to visit. Pocketing his business card and promising to keep in touch, the next visitors arrived – an area grandmother and her young grandson, who was just the perfect age to tour the mill and ask questions. Tours finished, we relocked the gate and more visitors arrived. By this time it was growing late and chilly, so we did a quick outside tour. They marveled at the beauty of the waterfall which was in full pour, and promised to visit again in the summer. She said that she always brings her guests to see the mill, but only once chanced by when it was open. It does make one wonder how many more folks would stop to visit if we could be open more hours. All we would need is a few more volunteers.~Linda Wescott

Farewell to Friends

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Since last summer, several of our long-time friends and family have passed away. They include Vivian Backlund, John Niflot, and Charlene Mary Cinque Teeple.

FAPMUF - A Once in a Lifetime Event

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FAPMUF faded into history on Saturday, August 24. Billed as a “Family Picnic and Music Fest” the day brought glad music and smiles a-plenty to the Manchester Community Library’s sunny hilltop. We owe hearty thanks, first to the performers who gave their Saturday afternoon to entertain their neighbors, to organizer Pat Wilson and her committee for careful planning and many evening meetings, to the staffs of EHS and the library for pitching-in to help, and to all our neighbors who came in support of our musical neighbors and to enjoy their offerings.

Thank you to Nick VanderWeide for the loan of his flatbed trailer, (er, stage,) and to Bob Wood, Harold Butler, and Blair Kobelin for setting it up and constructing a lean-to for rain or sun, for protection for the performers and their instruments. Wish we could have had sunshade for the whole field to save the audience from being par-broiled! Thank you to Richard Stowe for carefully setting up the parking perimeter and to his helpers as well and to Everett Baldwin for setting the important Porta-Potty in place. A special thank you for John Whelan for his electrical expertise and for managing the sound system. Carol MacMaster handled the EHS outdoor information “booth” and library volunteers sold books, beverages, and cold treats.

The consensus is that is was a great day, a lot of preparation work, and fun for both the workers and the audience. But.... we probably will pursue other activities next year. Would anyone like to have a table at a monthly flea market? We have LOTS of great parking.

Family Picnic and Music Fest in Equinunk

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The Manchester Community Library and Equinunk Historical Society have joined forces to sponsor an event geared toward the whole family. On August 24th, from noon to 4, you are invited to bring the kids, lawn chairs, and enthusiasm to the Library’s field at 3879 Hancock Highway (Route 191) for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. The Library's field is just two miles south of the center of Equinunk. There is no admission charge and no fee for parking but donations are always welcome. Light refreshments will be available. Families, please bring your own picnic lunches. No fires will be permitted, however.

This is an outgrowth of the popular “First Fridays” held at the Calder Cafe every month throughout the winter. Musicians there are limited to acoustic instruments due to constrictions of a confined space. Taking it outdoors allows amplifiers, a stage, room for children to spread out, and a summer-time environment. This is a first-time joint event between two of the complementary, family-oriented, non-profit organizations in Equinunk.

President's August Message

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Bob Wood has served as president of this organization for many terms since its inception in 1982 – 30 plus years ago. He has been dedicated to its suc­cess, and to that end, has devoted unlimited hours of service. Bob is one of several people who work day in and day out, year in and year out; EHS has been blessed that these individuals chose this organization and its mission as their own. Bob will leave the president’s position yet again in August and a new president will assume the reins. Yet, we know he will always be quietly working at the sawmill, and in the back­ground, carrying on as usual.  Ed.

Bob’s last President’s Message – for this year: "My term as president of EHS is over this summer, so naturally it’s time to briefly review the events of the last three years. It has been my pleasure to work with the board, all of the various committees, and all the people behind the scenes who keep the organization running smoothly.

The Car Show set a record in each of the last two years. Great job, everyone. The Joel Hill Sawmill gang has gotten a good start of the framing of the new viewing deck, and clean­ing up the brush on the dam. Thank you to all who furnished refreshments at the sawing demonstrations. Thank you too to the Pro­gram Committee, the presenters, the Calder Corner Shop volunteers, and all who work at the museum and keep it neat and orderly.

Joel Hill Sawmill News

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The Sawmill crew continues to make progress on the Visitors’ Deck at the Mill. Harold Butler, Chuck Heyn, Blair Kobelin, Greg Quaglio, Nick vanderWeide, Dan Wescott, and Bob Wood worked through late fall and early spring, shor­ing stones at the base of the hillside. The crew accomplished the difficult task of drilling many 8 inch holes in the solid stone and protected the holes from accumulating freezing water during the winter. In spring, rebar was inserted and concrete poured to form the base of the deck. The crew cut local locust wood from which the deck will be finished. The advent of the summer season of visitors brought work to a halt tempo­rarily. It will be our pleasure to bring you photos of the completed project and appropriate thanks to its sponsors in our next issue.

The last public sawing and sawmill tours will be held on Saturday, October 5th, our traditional “cider and doughnuts day”. Mark your calendars.