The Joel Hill Sawmill in Mid-Season

Written by "The Manor" on .

The Joel Hill Saw Mill crew has been having a successful summer, as usual. Attendance was off during the first of the two open-house days in July. On Saturday, the crowd was a little thin, but Sunday more than made up for it. Soon, this summer’s second opportunity to see the saw mill in action will have passed. The only remaining date after next weekend is Saturday, October 3rd, the annual cider and doughnuts day. This is often a favorite time to visit the mill: if there have been cool nights, the leaves will have started to turn. Reflected in the still water of the mill pond, they turn the water’s surface into everyone’s favorite fall photo.

The crew was busy all spring, putting the finishing touches on the new viewing deck by the falls. Besides being a great vantage point to view the falls, there is a walkway leading to a good view of the turbine which powers the saw. The viewing deck has already been a venue for a wedding! But sadly, the weather was uncooperative, and the wedding party bravely dealt with showers and mud.

Photos by Blair Kobelin