President's August Message

Written by "The Manor" on .

Dear Members and Friends - I can’t believe the summer is going so fast. As I am writing this letter, August is just around the corner.

Our car show this year was a huge success. I want to thank everyone for all you did to help our biggest fundraiser going. The weather was perfect and we had a great turnout of cars and trucks. It’s amazing how many unique vehicles we get at our show for everyone to enjoy.

The hardworking volunteers that keep our sawmill operating are doing a doing a terrific job. The deck they built by the falls is beautiful and gets many compliments. They worked hard to get it ready for a wedding earlier this year, but Mother Nature did not cooperate. The wedding party had a very soggy day.

The programs this year at the Calder House are very interesting and I hope you can attend some of them. Pat Wilson works hard to get knowledgeable people to present them and hopefully they are well attended.

Sandy and I recently visited our daughter and family in West Granby, CT and while there she took us to the Salmon Brook Historical Society Museum. They are only open on Sunday during the summer from 2-4pm. They have several buildings on the property including a two story house built in the 1750’s that is filled with period furniture, other household furnishings and clothing. There is also a tobacco barn filled with thousands of antique items, which displays a microcosm of Granby’s past, including an early Meeting House, a Village Store, farm tools and machinery, weaving tools, maple sugaring, hog slaughtering, ice cutting and tobacco processing display.

We also visited the one room schoolhouse that was built in 1870 in North Granby and was moved to the museum property in 1980. It was filled with well-used desks complete with carved initials and an original portion of the blackboard with the arithmetic lesson for the day still on the board. The Cooley School building and wood shed were located in Connecticut, while the outhouse was in Southwick, Massachusetts! There is a marker between the buildings showing the “border” between the states.

I can’t believe that in just three more months we will be starting the Calder House Cafe First Friday’s again. I pray that all the musicians will once again share their talents with everyone and perhaps they will find some other friends who will share their talents. I know everyone enjoys the evening out and I look forward to them myself.     ~Art