The Joel Hill Sawmill in Mid-Season

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The Joel Hill Saw Mill crew has been having a successful summer, as usual. Attendance was off during the first of the two open-house days in July. On Saturday, the crowd was a little thin, but Sunday more than made up for it. Soon, this summer’s second opportunity to see the saw mill in action will have passed. The only remaining date after next weekend is Saturday, October 3rd, the annual cider and doughnuts day. This is often a favorite time to visit the mill: if there have been cool nights, the leaves will have started to turn. Reflected in the still water of the mill pond, they turn the water’s surface into everyone’s favorite fall photo.

The crew was busy all spring, putting the finishing touches on the new viewing deck by the falls. Besides being a great vantage point to view the falls, there is a walkway leading to a good view of the turbine which powers the saw. The viewing deck has already been a venue for a wedding! But sadly, the weather was uncooperative, and the wedding party bravely dealt with showers and mud.

Photos by Blair Kobelin

President's August Message

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Dear Members and Friends - I can’t believe the summer is going so fast. As I am writing this letter, August is just around the corner.

Our car show this year was a huge success. I want to thank everyone for all you did to help our biggest fundraiser going. The weather was perfect and we had a great turnout of cars and trucks. It’s amazing how many unique vehicles we get at our show for everyone to enjoy.

The hardworking volunteers that keep our sawmill operating are doing a doing a terrific job. The deck they built by the falls is beautiful and gets many compliments. They worked hard to get it ready for a wedding earlier this year, but Mother Nature did not cooperate. The wedding party had a very soggy day.

The programs this year at the Calder House are very interesting and I hope you can attend some of them. Pat Wilson works hard to get knowledgeable people to present them and hopefully they are well attended.

Sandy and I recently visited our daughter and family in West Granby, CT and while there she took us to the Salmon Brook Historical Society Museum. They are only open on Sunday during the summer from 2-4pm. They have several buildings on the property including a two story house built in the 1750’s that is filled with period furniture, other household furnishings and clothing. There is also a tobacco barn filled with thousands of antique items, which displays a microcosm of Granby’s past, including an early Meeting House, a Village Store, farm tools and machinery, weaving tools, maple sugaring, hog slaughtering, ice cutting and tobacco processing display.

We also visited the one room schoolhouse that was built in 1870 in North Granby and was moved to the museum property in 1980. It was filled with well-used desks complete with carved initials and an original portion of the blackboard with the arithmetic lesson for the day still on the board. The Cooley School building and wood shed were located in Connecticut, while the outhouse was in Southwick, Massachusetts! There is a marker between the buildings showing the “border” between the states.

I can’t believe that in just three more months we will be starting the Calder House Cafe First Friday’s again. I pray that all the musicians will once again share their talents with everyone and perhaps they will find some other friends who will share their talents. I know everyone enjoys the evening out and I look forward to them myself.     ~Art

Equinunk 2015 Car Show - Moves into History

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The Equinunk Historical Society 16th Annual Car Show passed into history on June 20th at 3:00pm as another huge success getting kudos from everyone who attended. Despite the less than ideal weather, over 120 vehicles made their way to the show.

Taking the People’s Choice Award was Rodney Updegrave, Jr. from Tremont, PA for his 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood, a breathtaking vehicle.

Four Special Recognition Awards were presented to: Joe Kooistra from Honesdale, PA for his 1957 Chevy Belair, an old-school “gasser.”; Don Karcher from Starlight, PA for his 1933 Dodge coupe, a good guy with a very good car; Mike Novatnak from Hawley, PA for his 1962 Chevy Impala convertible, a frame-off restoration with a 409 engine and four-speed; and Joe Griffin from Walton, NY for his 1934 Ford pickup, an immaculate vehicle.

Although this years winners were all popular classic cars and trucks, the show prides itself on it's vehicle diversity (e.g. last years People's Choice Award went to a 2010 Peterbilt 389 “Big Rig”).

The Historical Society would like to thank Mel Freilich and Caren Raphael for hosting the event, Jim Balakian and Lenny Caputi for providing parking on their land, all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the event another success, and all the local merchants and patrons who contributed to the event.

Thanks also to our Sponsors: Country Roads Market & Deli, Equinunk; Cox's Lookout General Store; C. Neer RV Inc., Equinunk; The Equinunk Emporium; Gilson Automotive, Honesdale; LaBar Computer Services, Waymart; Lakewood Motor Company; Menotti Tire, Honesdale; St. Clair Graphics, Honesdale; Sub-Urban Tinting, Damascus; Town & Country Energy Corp., Equinunk; and Wayne County Ready Mix Concrete Company, Inc., Honesdale.

See the "Photo Albums" section for more photos of this year’s event.

Getting in Gear for the 2015 Car Show

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Print - Car Show Flyer

Print - Donation Coupon

Planning for the Equinunk Historical Society’s 16th Annual Car Show is revving up. Committee heads have been meeting since March and even though they know their jobs well, there’s still a lot to be done. Many started organizing their agendas as soon as the 15th Annual passed into history.

Every year the Car Show’s dedicated sponsors get the wheels rolling with their early contribution to offset yearly expenses. We would be stuck in the mud of spring without their help!

Every year, one of the first contributions we receive comes from Mr. Richard Reagan. He has been with the Car Show since its earliest years. There’s no way we can tell you how important his “Diamond-Gold” donation is to the success of the show. He has chosen not to be listed as a sponsor, but he certainly is a sponsor in every sense of the word.

This year’s roster of sponsors has seen some changes. Wally Young has temporarily suspended his sponsorship while he works on some health issues. Wally has been a faithful supporter for many years. We always appreciated his early and regular contributions enormously. If you see Wally, please thank him for us.

Dirlam Brothers’ Lumber Company continues to support the Car Show as a Patron. We thank Roger Dirlam and his firm for their many years of assistance.

We’re very pleased to welcome two new sponsors this year: C. Neer RV Inc. Equinunk, has accepted our invitation to become a sponsor, as has Ryan Wilcox of Suburban Tinting in Damascus. We thank them for their help and hope that they will be with us for many more years to come.

Our regular sponsors are back. Please show your appreciation by supporting these firms: Country Roads Deli in Equinunk; Cox’s Lookout General Store; The Equinunk Emporium; Gilson Automotive in Honesdale; LaBar Computer Services, Waymart; Lakewood Motor Co.; Menotti Tire Co., Honesdale; Town and Country Energy in Equinunk; and Wayne County Ready Mix Concrete Co.

Special thanks go to St. Clair Graphics for graciously handling our every printing need, and to Frank Miller for his assistance with place mats advertising our event. We truly could not do it without everyone’s help.

We need YOUR help too! Please print out a copy of the donation coupon and return it with your contribution. Every donation, large or small, helps enormously at this juncture. And we will list you in our program (unless you tell us not to).     ~The Car Show Committee

Joel Hill Sawmill News

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Word has gone out – it’s time to wake up the Sawmill for another busy season. There’s a lot to do to get ready. The machinery must be checked, the sign hung, rodents evicted, the grounds spruced up, (if there’s time,) and log delivery, if logs are needed. The crew worked on the new viewing deck last fall until weather closed in, so it’s nearly finished. That’s a lot of manpower, and helping hands are always welcome. To join the sawmill crew, call the museum at 570-224-6722, or just show up on a day when the mill is open to the public and sign on.

Working with the Sawmill crew is not a huge investment of time. The mill is open to the public two weekends each summer; the second weekends in July and August, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The crew gets there earlier, of course, to make sure everything is ready. There is one bonus day – the first Saturday in October, when the leaves are turning, and their reflection in the still pond water is breathtaking.

President's May Message

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Dear Members and Friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed our good old fashioned winter this year. We have had so many green ones recently that I really enjoyed the snow. Of course, it helps that I have retired and didn’t have to plow in the morning before I went to work. It was also great that the kids were able to get out and sleigh ride or snowmobile for a change.

The Calder Cafe, held the first Friday of the month from November to April, was wonderful again this year. We had great attendance each month and only had to reschedule once (December). A special thank you goes out to all the musicians and those who attended. Everyone seemed to have a great time and even joined in the singing of several of the songs. I am already looking forward to next winter when we start up again.

We were notified that some of our grants have been cut or reduced in the amount we will be receiving. We rely on the grants to help operate and maintain the Museum. In addition to the regular maintenance of the building, we have to build a roof over the ramp and look into getting a new computer system this year. I have noted this in the Annual Appeal letter and hope that members and friends of the Historical Society will be able to help us by making a larger donation this year.

Once again we are looking forward to three weekends of Joel Hill Sawmill tours and demos, and our Annual Car Show which will be held on June 20. Check out the Museum and Calder Shop schedule on pages 4 & 5 for all the special events and other programs being held this summer.     ~Art